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Hackathon 1: NFTrees
Award: 3000 USD for 1 winner

+ 2 runner-ups receive 1,000 USD each 


Develop a system and program using Tezos technology to tokenize tekForest trees into NFTs containing important information about your chosen species (see Species List in the Onboarding doc). You are free to design your token features. This is a fun and creative activity dabbling in NFTs to help introduce Filipinos into tokenization of non-fungible assets. 

Hackathon 2: researchDAO
Award: 8,000 USD for 1 winner

+ 2 runner-ups receive 1,000 USD each 

Formulate a DAO framework and develop the governance platform that would enable crowdfunding, democratic selection, and distribution of funds for researchers focusing on native tree species and their potential uses (beyond timber) in the Philippines. 

The objective of this platform is to support researchers in finding lucrative livelihood alternatives that utilize Philippine native trees without the need to cut them down. Ideally, these research activities would result in findings that would serve as sustainable alternatives to everyday items, necessities, bio medicine, etc., and encourage locals to keep trees alive. These may be for medical, material use, etc. 

General Guidelines

1. tekForest hackathons consists of two hackathons, with the following expected output:

  • NFTrees

  • researchDAO

2. Participants may join either one or both. 

3. Participants may join as teams or as individuals. There is no minimum or maximum number of members required for teams. However, it is highly advised that you keep only essential members in your team. Ideally, team members bring in a mix of skills in software development, user experience, tokenomics, and strategy.

4. Participants must be based in the Philippines, but can be of any nationality. 

5. By joining these hackathons, participants agree that all codes they produce and submit to these hackathons will be (a) open source and (b) compatible with the Tezos Network. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in elimination from the hackathon and/or forfeiture of awards.


By joining these hackathons, you are relinquishing all copyright and similar rights that you hold in the work you submit and are dedicating those rights to the public domain.

6. Participants are encouraged to use and improve upon existing open source code and libraries from the Tezos community (see Developer Resources for more info). Help and support will be provided with guidance from TZ Connect in Berlin. 

7. Participants may also integrate other existing features and code from outside the Tezos ecosystem provided that they are open source and compatible with the Tezos network.

8. Joining these hackathons is absolutely free. Please note that no fees will be collected from participants—no one is authorized to collect any fees in behalf of the organizers of these hackathons.

​9. Please note that although participants can join both hackathons, a team can only win one hackathon. Should a team score the highest for both NFTrees and researchDAO, the NFTrees grants will be awarded to the next best team on the roster.



Applications open 1 November 2021. Apply now.

Application forms must be submitted on or before 15 January 2022. 

Initial entries must be submitted for review by 21 February 2022.


A review committee will provide feedback and may suggest refinements and edits prior to final submissions. 

Five teams for each hackathon will be selected for the final round: five for NFTrees, and five for researchDAO. The final five will be announced on 1 March 2022.

The selected five teams must submit their final codes for judging by 21 March 2022.

Winners for the NFTrees and researchDAO hackathons will be announced by 31 March 2022. 

These deadlines apply for both hackathons (NFTrees and researchDAO). 

tekForest is honored to host two digital hackathons for blockchain developers in the Philippines: NFTrees and researchDAO. This effort is initiated with support from the global Tezos ecosystem.

Applications are now open.


NFTrees - Award: 3,000 USD

+ 2 runner-ups receive 1,000 USD each 

Tokenize tree species in tekForest into NFTs.

researchDAO - Award: 8,000 USD

+ 2 runner-ups receive 1,000 USD each 
DAO framework and governance platform for crowdfunding, voting, and distributing research.

*This is a summary.

Please read the full guidelines thoroughly. 


Important Dates

15 January 2022 - deadline for applications

21 February 2022 - deadline for first draft submissions

1 March 2022 - selection of five finalists for each hackathon

21 March 2022 - deadline for final submissions

31 March 2022 - announcement of winners

Criteria for Judging



User experience and interface

Code quality

Overall solution

Developer Resources

Overwhelmed? No need to be.

There are plenty of existing apps and SDKs—all of which are open source, that you can re-use and tweak as you please.


No need to start from scratch. 

Download pdf

Need more information?

Contact us through this website or email

You can also send a quick message through our social channels.

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Criteria for Judging

While the objectives laid out for each hackathon are simple, note that any thought put into features and functionalities beyond the base requirements of each hackathon will add weight to your entry. 

User experience and interface
A crucial part in the success of any software lies in its user experience. Make sure you spend an appropriate time designing your user flow. 

Code quality
Being a software development competition, the cleanliness and quality of your code will be assessed.

Solution Mechanics 
Although not required, participants are encouraged to look into solutions that can improve accuracy in mapping and tokenizing trees.
For the researchDAO, tokenomics and the governance framework must be well thought out. 

Overall solution 
We do not expect outputs to be perfect, but please use the duration of these hackathons to deliver the best possible output you can. You have five months from the launch date of these hackathons (November 2021) to build, refine, and improve your solutions. Please make the most out of this timeframe. 

Feel free to integrate the use of other technologies (hardware, software) into your solution if you feel that it would work well and can be achieved within the timeframe allocated for this competition.

Judging & Criteria


John Newby Director TZ Connect.jpeg

John Newby

Director, TZ Connect

Shubhendu Shekhar Dev TZ Connect.jpeg

Shubhendu Shekhar

Development, TZ Connect

Andrea Cali.jpeg

Dr. Andrea Calí
Founder, Pomidoro


Jantine Derksen Director TZ Connect.jpeg

Jantine Derksen

Director, TZ Connect


Cecille de Jesus

Founder, tekForest

John Newby Director TZ Connect.jpeg

John Newby

Director, TZ Connect

Tristan Nicolaides TZ Connect.jpeg

Tristan Nicolaides

TZ Connect

Paolo di Prodi.jpeg

Dr. Paolo Di Prodi

Senior Data Scientist, Fortinet

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