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Tech hub in a forest. Literally.

Tech hub in a forest?

Challenge accepted.

Rural and tech don’t usually go together.

It’s high time that they do.


Decentralize the workforce.

With satellite internet becoming more and more accessible, centralized business districts are becoming a thing of the past.

Digital nomad haven.

Remote working is the office set-up of the future. Cost-efficient, healthy, pandemic-safe.

Sustainable, productive forest restoration.

Imagine a forest village full of tech visionaries, all in touch with the importance of nature and how ecosystems work. The future will be in better hands.

The right way for nature, the right way for human life.

Curb urban fatigue by surrounding yourself with nature. A healthy work-life balance is the sustainable future for the digital workforce. 

Opportunity for all.

Remote, rural areas no longer have to remain cut off from the world. People shouldn't have to move to the city for economic opportunity. Let's spread opportunity out from the cities. 


The future is green.

It has to be. 

Anything else will be a dystopia. 

It’s time to ditch the notion that progress requires clearing forests. Modern development shouldn’t be tied to mining, hot concrete roads, and glass buildings. Humans need to work with the planet’s natural terrain, fulfilling modern necessities with minimal damage to nature.

We build sustainable co-working spaces in rural areas. 

No forest? No problem. We’ll build that, too. 

tekForest was created by tech professionals who have an exceptional love for growing trees. We take barren, unused parcels of land and reforest them. Our reforestation efforts focus on native & endemic tree and plant species to support the local ecosystem and promote biodiversity.


Nothing too fancy.

We’re starting out small and simple. One day, we would like to be able to incorporate far more modern innovations to make life as carbon-neutral as possible for our future forest-loving tech builder community.

We provide a peaceful forest with simple, minimal yet comfortable living conditions for digital nomads, as well as co-working spaces where tech builders can collaborate.


tekForest is located in the outskirts of San Felipe, Zambales, in between a well-known surfing beach, and the lovely mountains. We are around 2 hours from Clark International Airport, and 4 hours from NAIA.


Let's compare realities. 

Different places, different cultures, different circumstances. Amidst all the differences, we might just find some common ground.

Solutions in one locale won't always work for another. But what if they do?​ Let's learn from each other.

Share insights.


Become a partner.

Whether you're an old friend or a complete stranger, send us a message.

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